toil and trouble

Oh, brain…what ever are we to do?  We just want to do to many things…we can’t decide what is best, and we can’t do them all.  We go back and forth over everything.  Is this a good choice, should we do this, wouldn’t it be great to do that?  It’s getting to a point where we must decide where to put our efforts.  We must combine our efforts.  We need to at least make some kind of a plan to get some of these goals and dreams and inspirations done and out there.

If we could achieve half or even a quarter, we’d be golden.  We’d be a success, in my book.  A book…what a great idea!  Ok, Brain, let’s do this.  It’s you and me.  We’re in this together, remember.  I can’t do it without you.  You need to be on my side all the way…like you don’t always like to do.  Is that going to be ok with you?  Yeah?  Ok, then, prove it.

I suppose this is our getting things done year.  We did a lot of things last year…we can do  more this year.  More that will bring us back to our best.  Remember that person?  She was fun.  She was intelligent and fun, and hilarious.  We can do that again.  We can do better than that.  We can and we will.  We must.

We’re at the point of no return.  We’re moving into a new decade…we must leave a long list of accomplishments.  Accomplishments that mean something.  Something to the right people, not the wrong.

Let’s mind shine!  Let’s have some idea slams!  Let’s redefine everything! Let’s turn the world around.


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