This brain and I have a lot of projects going on.  Yes, there are big things on the horizon.  Maybe.  Well, they’re in there…ready to be organized into an achievable process of execution.

Some of the things on our list:


Sculptures and prints that will support collection for MFA portfolio…yeah, I’m thinking of going back for an MFA.  It means Master of Fine Arts for those of you that don’t know.  Nothing to do with graphic design either.  Thank you, graphic designers, for doing your job.  I hate art with computers, so I am glad that you love it.  I think it is time to pursue a career in art, for real…and not a hobby in art.

Art/Theatre collaboration with interested parties.  Making things and putting on skits for no reason other than the fun of it.  Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Mental Wellness…I believe all of the above things will absolutely help maintain a good mental state.  I have been consumed by anger far too much lately.  If I take on its annihilation as a project, I will be successful.

We artists function much better with projects.  Give me a project and a due date and it will be complete.  Give me something wishy-washy with no end in sight…and that is exactly what you get in return.  Time lines.  It is hard to abide by time lines that you give to yourself though.  I will need to consult something/someone else.  Perhaps can tell me what to do.

The sub-categories of all these projects are too long and boring to list.  Maybe the projects themselves are boring.  Who knows…I don’t care.  No one reads this brain barf anyway.  If I bore you, I apologize that I don’t care.


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