cheers to the scottish barista at starbucks

Have you ever had a moment when you are faced with an accent…and you have to keep a straight face?  Yes, yesterday one of my great friends and I indulged in a little Starbucks corporation coffee….through the drive through and had this very encounter.  It was cold outside.

When we approached the window, the man delivering the caffeine had a Scottish accent…and had to inform us that they were out of vanilla milk, and would two boxes of chocolate be alright? Sounds like a normal question.  Just think of Scotty from Star Trek saying this?  When you’re caught up in a thick accent you’re not prepared for, it can catch you totally off guard.  My friend and I glanced at each other wanting so badly to start talking in that accent.

I can’t very well type out a Scottish accent.  I can try but I might get frustrated and give up…so you’re just going to have to imagine it.  Use that noodle.

Also, oh man, it’s making me giggle to myself just thinking about it, he delivered us a peppermint mocha and a regular mocha…no whip.  Heavy emphasis on the h in whip.

Please…imagine that sentence in a Scottish accent…like if it was Shrek saying it, or Fat Bastard.  Just imagine it.  You are laughing.  I know it.  Smiling at least.  Doesn’t it just remind you of Braveheart?  It’s Mel Gibson before he went AWOL.  Aye, Longshanks.  Face half blue on a horse serving up Lattes and Mochas and Chai Tea Lattes.  Now that would be a great skit for my new variety show.


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