update on mind mapping software

I’ve been trying out the mind mapping software that I downloaded free for a week.  I keep getting all these blasted emails from the company because you have to give them all your info to successfully download.  So that is kind of annoying.  Otherwise…I like it.

I do still feel like I can’t quite think freely while sitting at the computer though.  Writer’s block seemed to happen very frequently throughout the course of the map.  Even thinking up simple topics that I knew I was going to map about…I would forget.  I thought that once I got started everything would flow…but it didn’t.  I also got a warning that my map was getting too big and that I might want to break one of my categories into its own mindmap.  No.  I like it big.  I like to see it all on one page.

I liked the ability to use colors and different fonts.  You can insert images or links to websites, etc.  That is useful.  Not that I need to use any of that.  I felt a little inhibited by all the choices too.  You can choose all the colors of the rainbow for the branches of your mind map…but what to choose?  I mean, should the family branch be green or purple?  Should the career branch be yellow or red?  What shade of red?  What font goes with this topic?  Too many choices for me…to work fast, at least.  I kept reading too much into it.  I also kept moving the branches around by accidentally clicking on the wrong part, so that was inhibiting also.

Still, I very much like the idea.  I see the use.  I can see this being a very useful tool.  Personally though, I am ready for the 7 days to be over so that I can move the icon into the trash bin.  I would much rather use paper and a black pen and collage images onto the map.  Maybe if I was a super computer mind map pro it would’ve been a breeze.  Eh, to each their own.  Try it if you want to…it’s Buzan’s iMindMap.  Google it, I can’t figure out how to insert a link.  Judge me, I don’t care.


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