orange film around the mouth

I was wiping my mouth after a nice, steaming (and I mean steaming!!) cup of chili the other day…my lips were burning not only from the spice but from how dry and chapped they were.  Crusty dead skin hanging on for dear life…and encouraging its friends, still attached, to join it.  With each wipe of the napkin, my mouth became more raw, and the more orange tomato based film I kept finding lingering in the corners of my mouth.  It’s like the dryness was attracting any amount of moisture that it could get, and that just happened to be tomato sauce.  Like a sponge…soaking up all the orange, tomato goodness it could get.


I am so paranoid about this film.  Have you ever seen anyone with this lingering after a meal??  It is repulsive.  Tomato sauce is so tasty; yet leaves such an embarrassing and disgusting reminder to everyone that sees you after, that you had a tasty Italian-American feast.  Chili.  Spaghetti. Lasagna.  Etcetera.  It seems ok when it’s hanging around on little kids.  Maybe because it’s not just in the corners, but all over their mouths and cheeks, hands, shirt, pants, hair…you get my drift.  It’s cute then.

It is absolutely NOT cute when it is hanging around your mouth like some sick, orange, faded lip liner that you used on the outside of your lips….and all in the corners.  Please find napkins to use when you have a tomato based lunch.  Please.  This also falls in with the disgusting category of odd white mouth film forming in the corners of the mouth.  Equally vomit inducing.

Dribbles on clothing: No problem.

I have anxiety and paranoia over this issue.  Maybe I’m crazy.


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