2010…a look back

2010 was a pretty stellar year.  Honest.  Here’s some of the highlights:

January: On the second day of the new year, some drunk lady collided at high speed with my Knight in Shining Armor’s car in the alleyway behind our apartment….his car also slammed into my car.  The great part here…is our upstairs neighbor saw the whole thing happen, the lady fessed up the next day, her insurance covered everything on both cars, we paid off one car, sold the other and bought a nice new red hybrid!  Awesome!  Seemed like a shitty way to start the year, a car smashed up and all, but it turned out to be a series of fortunate events.

February: Nothing much to report here.  Birthdays.  Oh, wait!  I took a whole week off of work.  Never have I had a paid week of vacation to take at once.  It. was. awesome.  I was a nice person to be around.  I also planned majority of our wedding in that week.

March: Lovely #1 turned 5.  Holy shit.  We got our tax return.  It’s great around tax time to have some dependents.  Finalized wedding stuff…boring.

April: Lovely #2 turned 2!  Holy fuck!  My Knight in Shining Armor and I finally got married.  After 6 years and 2 kids and many many forks in the road.  Not to say we made it, but for two people that found out they were going to have a baby together after being together about 2 months…it’s pretty impressive.  We think so at least.  Even after Lovely #1 was born, I didn’t think that I would end up married to this guy.  The design of our wedding bands is called battle scar.  As if the month wasn’t busy enough…I wanted to take advantage of our wedding cash and the home buyer’s tax credit.  So, by the end of April, we also had an accepted offer on a cute little house with a yard.  Livin’ the dream, man…livin’ the dream.

May-June: Nothing special.  Packing all our bullshit stuff to move.  Oh, and I started this blog.  Fucking A!!

July: We moved into the new house.  The amount of times we have moved is sick.  It’s sick.  It makes me nauseous thinking about it.  The boxes- I hate the sight of them.  Fucking hate them.  Even though I hate it, I am now actually very efficient at it.  That is even sicker.

August: Job transition…much needed.  I kind of, sort of, went back to normal a little.  Not that I changed anything drastically, just a different position and title and less stressful responsibility.  A relief.  Also…worked on getting approved to adopt Miss Polly, our huge black Great Dane pup.  She’s lounging on the couch right now watching prime time television.  Good puppy.  In the beginning, I wanted to name her Puppy.  It’s fun to say isn’t it?  Aw, Puppy…come here, Puppy!

September: Polly came home!  They call it a forever home at the rescue we adopted her from.  Aw!

October: My company traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a few days to be inspired and be merry.  It was pretty great.  My co-workers Amanda, Rita, and I danced like crazy people.  Halloween…Lovely #1 was a giraffe.  Lovely #2 was a cheeseburger.  How fucking cute is that?

November: Um…Thanksgiving.  Many thanks to give all the time.  An attitude of gratitude.  I finally faced my fears and went to the Dentist after much too much time.  That is all I can say about it…any more and I will have heart palpitations.

December: Rita and I organized an art night!  It re-inspired me to write more…to blog more…to entertain Rita more.  It also inspired me to clear out one of our rooms and set up my art goodies so that I can create anything whenever my family lets me.  The holidays this year were plentiful.  Still grateful.  Today…today is  December 30th.  I want to start looking forward, not back.  No regrets for whatever has happened…it has taught me to be who I am today, December 30th, and to write about what has happened and laugh at myself.  Tomorrow…onward and forward.  I may have also gotten a small case of Athlete’s Foot from my husband.  Merry Christmas!

So there…I grew up a lot this year.  So adult-like.  A car, a marriage, a house…a dog and the dentist.  It’s like the American dream!

Anxiety sets in.

Funny thing is…I saw myself doing all these things before they happened.  It really can be reality if you see it and work for it and believe in yourself.  Don’t I sound like a self-help book?  This is what The Secret is all about.  You don’t have to read it.


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