mind mapping with paper and pencils

So I was researching the idea of ideas…and I came across mind mapping software.  I knew that this existed…and it’s a great idea, really.  Is it?  Is this good for me though?  Being a person that loves to write and draw and map things out, it just seems very left brained and forced instead of right brained and organic, to use computer software to map ideas.

It makes it kind of generic.  Imagine how much time it takes to click and then type your words, search for an image that represents that branch…I mean, I really love the idea, and I realize technology is the wave of the future…sorry, the wave of the present.

But what is happening to good old paper and pencils?  What happened to sketching your ideas out onto paper and then reworking them into something not quite so intangible and more linear?  What happened to that?  I am in love with mind maps.  I love everything about them, I do.  It’s sick, really, it is.

I just feel like it defeats the whole purpose.  The whole process of moving your hands across the paper and finding room to fit things in when there isn’t anymore room…the ache you feel in your hand because you’re trying to write frantically and make connections to other ideas and your hand can’t keep up with your brain.  The texture of the paper, the grip on the pencil, the sweaty palm, the ting-ting- ting’ing all over your body from really getting into it.  What could be better?

Using an iPad?  Downloading 200 dollar software to help organize your ideas when you could spend 2 dollars on a pack of paper and pencil?  Maybe.  I can see it…I get it.  If I had a vast, multi-faceted company that needed many ideas to be organized at one time, then I could see it working well.  That might be who it is designed for.  I actually really love the concepts of Tony Buzan, the man who really coined the term and process of mind mapping.  I really respect his movement forward in a whole brain learning and thinking concept.

If I had a school, the kids would use mind mapping software…

But for me.  For me, I can’t use the computer for that.  I can’t use something made of plastic and metal and circuits and wires…I can’t use that as a tool to lay out my thoughts.  I can’t wait for it to save.  I can’t wait for something to download.  I can’t wait for a search.  It needs to be instantaneous.  Ideas are things that don’t wait.  They happen…and then they’re gone, unless they’re recorded and dissected.  I can’t open it up in the middle of the night and jot something down.  If I had a super phone or Ipad…maybe, but I am a little fearful of the power of too much technology.

It’s like what the modern-day printing press did to the printmaking industry.  It lost its art.  It lost its human touch.  It became too computered, too trendy, too printed.  When we look at fine art prints, we see the human element, whereas with computer generated prints, it’s all just a program collaged together.  I am optimistic that the future will hold the human element in higher regard than mass production.  I digress…

I realize I have a blog.  It’s on a computer.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t write in journals, on paper, with pencils, pens, and the like.  There is still human element there.  We create rough drafts.  When I was in grade school, I always thought my teacher was saying rough rafts.  I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand what rafting had to do with my story.

Anyways…I downloaded a free 7 day trial of the mind mapping software!  Ah, always a sucker for a free trial.  I’ll let you know if I take all this back.  If it really is easier and faster and still has the human element to mapping.  I am cautiously pessimistic.  Love you, mind mapping!!


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