I talk to myself…a lot actually

I talk to myself.  I talk to myself a lot, actually.  I grumble under my breath…typically swear words.  I do it all the time.  Sometimes I make myself giggle because I realize that I am grumbling to myself.  I imagine what it would look like if someone were watching me talk to myself and then giggle to myself.  Oh, man, it’s making me crack up just thinking about seeing someone laughing to themselves.  Just think about it!  Imagine someone walking or sitting or whatever…just smiling their ass off!  It’s hilarious.  It is.  You know it.

It reminds me of when I lived in a corner apartment with two awesome chicks in college.  Kiddy corner from our apartment, was a bus stop.  At the local bus stop, there were a number of colorful characters that we would see from time to time.  There was a woman and her dog….she would walk the dog and drape the leash over the back of the dog.  They walked the same, they were both slow and putzy, and they both had a scowl on their face.  The lady would always kick at the ice on the sidewalk.

There was another lady who always wore this maroon mu-mu.  She just walked all around town in her maroon mu-mu….seriously.  I have a picture of her next to a tree that fell down on our street one time.  She was walking past mumbling about something or another.  She had very straight posture…and didn’t bend her knees very well when she walked.  It was quite Frankenstein-like.  She was also really tall now that I think about it, so yes, very Frankenstein.  Funny.

SO…the guy that follows along with the actual story here is a man who would always mumble to himself and then giggle.  My old roommate and I laughed constantly about this man because we could never really understand anything he was saying…it was just a low, grumbly, a-diggy-diggy-diggy…followed by the giggle: a-hee-hee-hee. We decided that it sounded like the diggy diggy diggy.  Just try it.  In a low, slow, raspy, grumbly voice.  It’s funny.  The laugh was a little higher pitched, like a real good laugh is.  A chuckle, that’s what it was.  A good ol chuckle.


I haven’t gotten to that point yet.  I’ll let you know when I’m on the brink of losing it…but you’ll probably already know it’s coming.  You might think it’s coming soon.  Shit, Kate’s busting!  She’s busting!


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