Despite the horror of all the new loot and pieces and parts and garbage that some jolly fat man brought to our house, I must admit, it has created a glorious aura of play!

I cannot even break these kids away from this stuff with dinner and snacks.  They just cannot get enough play time.  I am in love with that…even if it creates an ambiance of toychest vomit all over the house.  All.  Over.

Wasn’t it great to be a kid and get so involved in some involved Lego or Barbie set up…when you’d spend hours setting up the house and building the fort and placing everything just so.  When you’d pick out the perfect outfit for Barbie to wear on her date with Ken and then your brother came busting in with his G.I. Joe’s and sabotaged the whole storyline.  It was devastating…but awesome at the same time.  The plot thickened!!  Ken, we’ll have to rebuild the mansion..with wheelchair accessibility for your broken legs.

I can remember trying to hide Ken from the invasion from my brother.  I hid him up in a stand up lamp in our living room.  Hours later, after we had sat down for dinner, we all smelled an odd smell.  We couldn’t place it.  After dinner, we were watching a show and my dad found Ken.  His legs had melted onto the light bulb in the lamp…hence the melty burnt smell.  I didn’t have another Ken doll for years after that. I had to cut all the hair off the ugly girl Barbies and dress them in Ken’s clothes.  It worked…kinda.

I hear the Lovelies from the other room.  Even though they are only 2 and 5, they come up with very elaborate stories to their play time.  It’s amazing what minds can create.  Imagine if we could tap into the uninhibited minds of children for more ideas for the world and education and business.  They are honest and innocent and naive.  It’s that raw-ness that makes their ideas unbelievable…and flawless.


2 thoughts on “play

  1. you are so right on this kate. didn’t picasso say, “it took me a lifetime to paint like a child” or something like that? i get a lot of my inspiration from my nieces and nephews! why do we have to screw it all up and grow up?

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