like, yeah, for sure

Ok, so, like, are Justin and Jessica broken up?  Like, did you see the new US Weekly?  I mean, didn’t he cheat on her or something??  Oh my god, I just love him.  I really liked when he was with Cameron Diaz.  They made suuuch a cute couple.  I love her hair.  Like, I mean, when it was blonde, not brown.  I hated her with brown hair.  I love her with blonde hair.  Like, did you see Justin’s clothing line at Target?  Omigod Omigod Omigod…I. want. it. all!


This is what I listen to.  This makes me want to claw my eyes out.  It also makes me laugh.  Laughing while I claw my eyes out…and then I stuff the eyeballs into my ears to muffle the high pitched squealing over some new Ugg Boots.  The laughing turns to crying… like when you slip and fall and it’s one of the most hilarious things but it hurts so bad and you laugh in the middle of weeping.  haha- ow- haha -oww-ha.

I know you must think these conversations must come from my students.  They must!  They don’t.  My students are far more classy than to like/hate someone based on their haircolor.

Grown-ass women have these conversations.  I don’t mean like 25 year old grown either.  I’m talking like 35 and 40.  Grown.   Hold up, y’all….they were total strangers, never met them before…just overheard their really funny conversation at a coffee shop the other morning.  Isn’t it grand when life just drops these amusements right into your lap???


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