I love you, horoscope.

This is my horoscope today:

“You have tremendous creativity inside you, Pisces. Have you begun to use some of it? This creative cycle will last for the next month or so. Don’t let it pass without taking advantage of it. Use the other side of your brain for a change. Take up sketching, painting, or fiction writing. What you do is less important than doing something. The simple act of creation unlocks the brain.”

Aren’t you all excited for me?  This is one time that the feelings that I’ve been having have been totally solidified by my silly horoscope!  Hasn’t this been what I’ve been himming and hawing about for the past month?  The only part that gets me…is use the other side of your brain for a change.  For a change?  Duh!  I’ve been using the cool side of my brain forever…and I don’t want to use the logical, rational side.  I want to be a little crazy.  That is totally why I will sketch, paint, and write fiction…or humerous non-fiction.

Thank you, horoscope.com, for putting it all in perspective.  Don’t you sometimes feel like you just need someone else to say it?  When you’re feeling a bit up in the air and all over the place…and then someone acknowledges that you totally are…it just makes you feel a little better.  Like you are with it enough to make these observations about yourself?

Kate, I totally know what you mean.  I get it.

I really am going to start carrying a mini tape recorder around for when I have very spontaneous and genius ideas.  Note to self: get mini tape recorder.

Back to the horoscope.  Why is this creative cycle only going to last a month?  That’s some bullshit.  I’ll make it last 12 fucking months if I want to…and I want to.  So there, horoscope.com.  I’ll show you.  I’ll show you, astrological sign!  I’ll show you that you don’t rule my world…you just make observations about what might or might not happen.  It’s so vague.  I love it and hate it at the same time…which means that I am powerless against it.

Note to self: If vague was a bread…it would be a vaguette.


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