Joy! Yoi

It has been days since I had a full conversation with my husband.  Is this marriage?  Is this the key to a happy one?  I think whoever says that is full of shit.  It’s strange.  We see each other, in passing.  Hello, goodbye.  I come home, he heads out the door.  He comes home, I am comatose, half asleep…useless to talk to anyway.

We miss each others’ phone calls.  We send random text messages into the cell phone abyss, never knowing if the other really got them.

Finally…we will be able to speak.  There is always the fear that there won’t be anything cool to talk about.  There always is, of course, but I tend to lose track of what he knows and what he doesn’t.  Where did we leave off?  We backtrack days to figure out when we last sat on the couch together and laughed at the news.  Do I fill him in from yesterday or from Sunday?  How many days do I have to recap?

Christmas time.  A fine time.  This is what is allowing us time to spend time together.  I’m going to make him bake cookies for Santa with me.  I’m going to make him watch me talk to myself while I wrap the last of the presents.  I’m going to make him drive around with me and the girls and look at twinkly lights and drink hot cocoa.  I’m going to make him get up super early with me and drink coffee Christmas morning before the girls pounce downstairs so we can be awake to enjoy their spazziness.

Is this the Christmas spirit or what??  By the end of all this cheer and time together, I hope we’re not ready to go back to never seeing each other and not having conversations about silly little things and ideas that I come up with.  He totally humors me and my crazy unrealistic ideas.  He’s so nice.

I hope that I will have many more silly ideas inspired and sprung from the holiday season.  You can count on me to share them with you too.

Joy!  (said in Ren and Stimpy voice)


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