My little Lovely #1 is head over heels in love with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bwa-haha-ha!  I know!  It’s so fricking funny.  She just made a new Christmas list that has all Sonic garb on it.  It’s literally days before she gets a crap ton of presents and she is now changing all requests to Sonic…and sealing in an envelope and stamping and putting in the mailbox.    We’re talking clothes, boots, scarf, lunchbox, bedspread, remote controlled car, wig…yes, wig, with the spikes.

When she says wig with the spikes she makes this motion with her hands starting from her ears, moving upward towards the sky in real. fast. motions.  real.  staccato. like.  It reminds me of people from New York…like, hey, I’m walking here.  Yeah, she motions like she’s from New York and is pissed at a taxi and is making these motions, like what the frick, man?  She is probably one of the funniest kids I know.  I don’t just say that because she is my child and I think I can be somewhat funny…and her father is funny for sure.  She is honestly really funny.  You know how people always say that their kids are cute, because they’re theirs.  If I had slightly hideous kids, I’d admit it.  Or I wouldn’t say they’re gorgeous.  Same thing with the funny factor.  Like, she thinks up jokes and faces and comments and makes these hand gestures…you would think she was a 45 year old Jewish lady.  It’s so classic.  It’s all her own too.  She once did this impression of Dana Carvey impersonating Ross Perot…I mean, priceless!  We were in stitches!

Nevertheless, she went through a stage months ago where she actually changed her name to Sonic.  She wouldn’t answer to her real name.  She would stare at you and wait for you to call her by her new name, Sonic.  Like staredown…like if looks could kill.  Call me Sonic, dammit!  Sometimes we’d refer to her as Ms. Hedgehog.  She didn’t like that.  It had to be Sonic.  Sonic or die.  She went through a similar thing with Hannah Montana…where she said she changed her name.  That didn’t last long.  Sonic has again triumphed over young girly pop culture.  Who doesn’t want to be a cartoon character?

But what 5 year old girl likes Sonic the Hedgehog?  Not that I really care…she could request Transformers, monster trucks, and Spiderman toys.  I don’t need for her to play with dolls because she is a girl.  She still plays with plenty of girly stuff…like way plenty.  She loves getting her hair curled and her nails painted…she just wants to be called Sonic.  I just don’t know how she found out about this Hedgehog.

What of it.  Sonic, formerly known as Lovely.


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