No one should read this…it’s stupid

My dad is visiting and helping take care of the kids for a few days.  He’s been at our house for two nights, and will most likely head home after dinner.  He’s making tacos right now.

We love tacos.  I can’t say enough about how much I love tacos.  The flavor combinations, the texture, the spice, the sweet, the sour!  Love.  Everything about them.  Really.  I really love tacos.  I’ll say it again…I love tacos.  I would eat tacos every single day and never complain.  Honest.

I really kind of wish I grew up in a more Latin family.  My family is majority German.  What’s so great about sauerkraut and sausage?  Potatoes and what not.  Why not incorporate some spices?  I also used to say that I wish my parents were bikers.  Think of how cool it would’ve been to ride around on a Harley with your dad and his long ZZ Top beard and ponytail.  So cool.  My parents were total hippies, which is probably the next best.  Or the best.  I can’t decide.

These tacos are starting to smell up the house and totally distract me…and the dog.

I feel a little like a loser today.  I mean, all I can come up with to talk about is that I like tacos…and my dad is here.  Shit, brain, what is happening?  Maybe it’s holiday overload.  Maybe it’s sleep deprivation…although I think I’ve been getting enough sleep.  Every time I think that I’m getting enough sleep…I realize that I am absolutely not sleeping enough.  I have been having very vivid lucid dreams lately where I know that I am dreaming and I can kind of make things happen…or wake up a little and then fall back into the dream.  Isn’t that crazy?

Some of my co-workers were in the last super vivid dream.  It was almost as if we were in some sort of Harry Potter mystery, and Batman was in it too…gold cloaked wizards and candlesticks.  This is for real.

But really…I feel more creative and inspired and more like myself when I sleep less.  I do love me some good ol 12 hours down though.


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