Holla at Rita!!!

Dear Rita,

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for liking my brain.  Thank you for also encouraging me to be more creative in my life and actually use the right side more often.  I am beginning to despise the left side.  All that organization is bullshit.  Thank you for supporting my weird ideas…I hope we can have an idea slam and mindshine very soon.  You inspire me to be more of the artist that I know that I am…and that I want to be.  You also inspire me to be the extra strange weird-ball that I am.  I love how honest you are.  Thank you.  I really only write this blog for you because I know you enjoy it, so although other people may read it…as I write, I think…can I picture Rita laughing about this line?

We absolutely have to create the Unfinished Business idea we talked about today.  I was also thinking it would be cool to have a public critique for feedback on work…it could obviously correlate with the other idea.  Man, think of how many ideas we could come up with in an hour?  In 3 hours?  Let’s make a huge mindmap…and let our minds shine!  We could sell the mindshine maps for, like, millions of dollars.

I know we have only known each other for a short time…but we are totally connected.  I love that.  This kind of sounds really mushy, like a love note, maybe a little creepy.  This is not my intention…just want to give you mad props, girl!

Um, Rita, will you go to the prom with me?  Please circle below:

Yes                     No                     Maybe

Thanks Again.

Love (in a kind of mushy way),



2 thoughts on “Holla at Rita!!!

  1. ok it worked. i am here in my office 6 am reading your blog laughing out loud! even with all the mushy stuff. give me some some of that mushy ushy gooshy stuff. (sorry, that song came to mind) i LOVE the weirdoness in you!!!! i CANNOT wait to see the things we come up with! well……that you come up with and i just encourage 😉
    so yes. yes my dear kate. the answer is yes. i will go to the prom with you.

    can we hold hands?

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