Fire at the Gentlemen’s Club

As I was driving home, there was a detour.  As I approached, I saw several firetrucks surrounding the Solid Gold Gentlemen’s Club.  At first I didn’t really think anything of it.  Fires happen all the time, right?  Holiday traffic…I was bound to get stuck somewhere on my way home.

I have joked about this place for years.  Years ago it used to be called Club Paradise.  There are light up palm trees in the front.  You used to be able to have lunch with the dancers.  Can you imagine?  Burgers, fries, and tassels?  It has since been revamped and looks much more classy on the outside.  I have never had the pleasure of going inside.  One can only imagine the sight.  Mirrors, fog machines, dimly lit, probably some christmas lights that wrap around the pole, scantily clad ladies, dudes with dollar bills and unclear consciences.

I can only image how a fire would’ve started on the premises.  Hot thighs rubbing together?  Imagine when the fire broke out how everyone probably made a mad dash for it.  Dudes pitching tents running out the door…and girlies with little elf skirts on clutching all their dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect exotic dancers.  I would absolutely do it if I had the body…I don’t.  I would absolutely do it.  I also have a lot of respect for the girls that strip because you have to have really thick skin.  You have to be really tough.  You have to have a little attitude, even if all you want to do is cry.  Plus you have to be totally in shape and fearless.  Flipping around on those poles has got to be tough…that’s why they have pole dance workouts.

That is my amusement for the moment.  I hope there will be more to come later.  I had a great chat with Rita today.  I’ll write about it later….if you’re lucky.

Any by lucky, I mean no one.  No one read my blog today.  Makes me a little more fearless.


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