WWPW: what would polly watch

So I was in the office of our house, which is very near the living room, and the tv wasn’t on.  Everything felt too quiet.  The kids were in bed.  My husband is off somewhere doing who knows what.  He says Christmas shopping…I say football at the Sports Bar.  Eh, you say tomatoes, I say ketchup.  No tv though.  No frickin chipmunk movie or Shrek.  No channel 4 or 6 or whatever news talking about car accidents and annoyingly obvious weather forecasts.

Too quiet.

I put on a little music in the office…still too quiet.  So I went in the living room and turned on the tv for some more background noise.  Doesn’t really matter what I put on, I just need noise.  I am around noise all day…I cannot be creative without it.  Too much quiet and I am distracted by it.  Was that a ghost talking to me or my own thoughts?

As I went into the living room, I noticed Polly, our dog, chilling on the couch.  She’s a great dane.  She’s big.  When she sits next to you, she’s taller.  So she’s just cold chilling watching me mess with the tv.  As I turn it on and flip through the stations for a good background station…I wondered what Polly would want to watch.  She, after all, was the one in the living room.

Shouldn’t I at least choose something she would enjoy?

Football?  nah, she’s a girl dog.  Old weird movie?  nah, she might get confused by the black and white…can dogs see in color?  Was that a rumor?  Maybe I could put a movie in for her?  Too much work.  She’s a dog, Kate.  Eh…  The Cleveland Show?  maybe, although it might be too vulgar…..Ah!  The Santa Clause 2!  Perfect.

So there’s my big, huge, horse-like dog relaxing on the couch in the living room watching a wonderful, Holiday, family movie…all by herself.  I’ve never seen the second Santa Clause.  I hear there’s a third one too!  Maybe that will be on next…and if I am working long and hard at least she’ll have some warm comforting holiday cheer!


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