Lovely Grunge

Lovely #1 has been wearing the same clothes for days.  Well, not like a week straight or anything, but two days.  She is at the point in her life where she falls in love with outfits and cannot bear to wear anything else.  She won’t wear pajamas…she might change her underwear if threatened…she has to has to has to wear the same outfit because it’s so cool.  She’s 5, mmm kay?

Let me explain her outfit…and you will be reminded of the early nineties grunge movement.  She is wearing black leggings, black combat boots that are too big for her (she got them from the neighbor), a pink flowery babydoll dress, and a necklace with her diary key on it.  She looks like the daughter of Eddie Vedder and Lisa Loeb.  I mean, let’s put on some Soundgarden, tie some flannel shirts around our waists, light some candles, and write introspective poetry.

No doubt, she would be awesome at introspective poetry.  I think grunge is on its way back…maybe not musically, but I see flairs of it coming back in fashion.  Think of the movies Singles and Reality Bites.  Who didn’t want to live in the apartment building with Matt Dillon?  Who didn’t want to be friends with Winona Ryder and be in her documentary in the movie?  Who didn’t listen to Pearl Jam’s Black on repeat…candles lit, introspective poetry/journaling aplenty?  Who’s been saving their Doc Marten boots in the closet for this very comeback?

Ah, sweet grunge has made its way to my 5 year old.  She seems to me like a grunge baby…although she wasn’t conceived at a time of grunge, or even listening to grunge.  She is grunge at heart.  She is destined to wear black everyday like Darlene from Roseanne…or like me.  If I asked her to listen to Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, or Hole, she would cover her ears and tell me to turn it down.  Good old grunge!  When everything seemed so wrong with life…and it was actually the best.  When clothes and hair were dirty.  When music was dirty and raw.  When there actually was a new musical movement.

I’m 15 again.  What a time warp.


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