Idea Slam

I was laying in bed last night…first sleeping like a baby, and then after some Polly barks, couldn’t sleep at all.  I tossed and turned and was hot and cold and my mind kept racing.  Maybe all the caffeine had caught up with me.  Who knows…these things happen.

My brain was coming up with all these fascinating thoughts and ideas and things that need to change in the world.  Changing the education system…for my girls.  That is on my mind the most lately.  Also about how I have all these ideas…and I feel trapped to use them, or tell people.  For instance, I had an absolutely great idea for an Education Center for kids…maybe adults…and I won’t give you all the details because I’m paranoid someone else will use it and then I won’t be able to.  However, I just wish overall that there was a forum for people to get together…people with like-minded interests and have an idea slam, of sorts.  Idea Slam to make things better!

Having an idea doesn’t come out of nowhere.  It comes from other ideas.  Ideas create ideas.  I am a little obsessed with this lately.  I would sit all day and sketch and make up ideas…for no one, nothing, just my own amusement.  Why not put this to good use?  Like I said in an a post earlier this week…there has got to be a niche for people that are good with ideas.  Got. to. be.  If not…I suppose I could create it.

I was also thinking about the word brainstorm.  I was thinking how is sounds kind of like doom and gloom.  I mean, storms, aren’t the best thing.  What about sunshine?  And brain sounds so technical.  What about Mindshine??  I’m going to start calling brainstorming mindshining.  Shining light on the mind.  Opening the locked doors of creativity!!  Bwa-ha-ha!

Yesterday, during my lunch, I was reading my horoscope…I do this from time to time for amusement more than guidance from the stars.  I clicked on the numerology link.  I’ve never really been into the whole numerology thing.  I mean, numbers aren’t that cool.  Fish and Lions and all that are, for sure.

So I type in my birthday to find out my number…and it tells me what I’m all about.  I’m a little skeptical, of course.  I read on, that I am a 22, and that my life path is meant for the greater good.  That I am sometimes referred to as the Master Builder.  Shit!  This is what I’ve been thinking the whole time…or at least for like the past year.  What good is all this that I am doing when there are so many things to fix in the world?  Why can’t I build a new education system based on creative thinking and less on standardized tests and ringing bells.  Who can learn math in 37 minutes every day?  Who wants to only spend 37 minutes on art in a day?  Public school is crap.  I feel awful for having to send my kids there.

It’s like the more you learn, the more you feel like you don’t really want to know.  Scary.  Sad.  Ignorance really is Bliss.

So these are the things that I lay in bed and think about.  I have visions of changing the world… not of sugar plums dancing in my head.

This is where I lose it.  I lose all ambition once I come up with the idea.  I’m totally stuck.  I have it, I have the answer, but no way, no how to execute.  Maybe I should be a politician?


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