I’m drawing a blank.

I meant to write something profound and impressive…and there is nothing.  My brain is spent.  Hours of overseeing learning….it is exhausting!  Especially when you drink a lot of coffee and then have another caffeinated and sugared beverage later.  By the end of the day, you just can’t help but crank up the Chipmunk Christmas tunes and dance a jig and laugh uncontrollably.  I cannot possibly teach anyone anything at that point in the day, especially a Saturday.  Everyone is mentally checked out by 2:30.  Well….myself at least.

The good thing is

wow.  I totally lost my whole train of thought.  All of it.  I can not even at all recall what I was going to write about the good thing.

Sorry, Blog, I have failed you.  Perhaps I can redeem myself tomorrow.  At least it’s snowing on my mo-fo blog yo!!  Check it out!  (if you read this after Jan. 4…it will no longer be snowing on my blog.  sorry, I have failed you)


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