What is happening??

Have you ever noticed how often people misspell simple words?  I mean maybe they get the definitions mixed up and maybe they hit the enter button on the computer too fast..but come on!  Proofread people!

The last one that put me over the edge was super and supper.  A post somewhere or other said that something was supper easy!  I think these kinds of mistakes should warrant a ban on the offender’s use of social media, blogs, emails, text messaging, post it notes, thank you cards, and all things written.


Slow down!  Are we in that big of a hurry that we can’t look at what we are typing, writing, or thinking?  Pause to make sure it is correct.  This is your intelligence on the line.  I know that really doesn’t matter to a lot of folks out there….and some of us misspell things on purpose or use grammar in a purposeful way.  I use a lot of dot dot dots.  So what?  I do it and I know I do and maybe it’s not grammatically correct, but at least I use there, they’re and their correctly.  I know the difference between its and it’s.  Sure shit I know how to use hear and here, our and are, and with the impending doom of losing the face to face contact that is communication, these things should be really important to people.  Shouldn’t they?  Shouldn’t people know how to spell and what words mean what?  If we can’t see each other we should at least really understand each other, right?

Is it just me that texts the whole phrase see you later instead of c u ltr??  What is happening to vowels?!?  I feel like I am dumber if I abbreviate, or that no one will know what I mean!

I realize this is something that hasn’t just begun.  This is something that has been brewing a long time.  Most people are irritated by incorrectly spelled words.  I haven’t struck gold here.  This is nothing new.  Sorry if any of you have written about this before.  I’m not copying…I’m just annoyed too.

I’m supper sorry.


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