I don’t like tattle-tales…or is it tattle-tails.  Shit, after the last post I wrote I better make sure I spell things right.

There are people everywhere that always want to tell on people…and get people in trouble…and make themselves look like the good guys.  Well it’s some shit, people.  The way I see it, is if you’re covering your own ass, you are no better than that person.  If you are only telling on them to get on the good side of someone, it’s not working.  It’s not.  People think they can then trust you when you give them information about others.  It’s the opposite, actually.  People trust you less when you tell on other people.  It means that if they will share secrets or downfalls of others, they will absolutely share things about you to them.  Duh.  People like to talk and gossip and it doesn’t matter who they’re telling.

People have no discretion anymore.  My students are a fine example of that.  They let anything that comes to their mind fly out of their mouth.  You would think it would be fine…they’ll just talk about movies and music.  No, they talk about getting shit-faced and how, when, and why they did or when they will next.  It’s annoying.  If you’re going to get annihilated, please share this with your friend some time that I cannot hear you.  I can always hear.  They are so loud.

Nevertheless, I do not feel the urge to run and tell on them.  Just because they are talking about it doesn’t mean that it is true…and it doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible.  It doesn’t mean they are awful human beings.  People drink all the time.  Some people can’t function without drinking.  I can’t function without coffee in the morning…does that mean that I am awful?  No.  Does it mean that I am going to get told on?  Gah!!!

I wish that work was about everyone bringing their best to the table.  It’s not…don’t know how many of you have witnessed this…but people absolutely do not bring their best to the table.  I try…I used to…I still want to.  There are things that get in the way.  These things….are tattletales and whispers behind your back.  It makes people not want to work as hard, or it makes them work hard for the wrong reasons.  Out of fear?  That’s not a good work environment to be in; where everyone is afraid and no one speaks for fear of saying ‘I don’t like mustard‘ getting back to someone that does and then the shit hits the fan!

Lovely #1 has experienced this at school as well.  Now, she is 5 years old.  Tattle-tales are a way of life in kindergarten.  Everyone tells on everyone because they are all trying to follow the rules.  They need to know that if one breaks those rules, that there are certain consequences involved.  The childhood tattle-tales are much more innocent than adult ones, don’t you think?  The kids are just trying to get confirmation that it is wrong to pull hair and pinch and spit and push and shove and call others names.  This is how they must learn.  Adults on the other hand…we know better.

I don’t let this get to me as much as I used to…but now I see it happening to others.  It’s upsetting…especially when these are really great employees!!  I mean, really great!  Great attitudes and outlook.  They get tattled on.  For insignificant things; things that don’t matter in the whole grand scheme of things.  Well, maybe they do.  I’m not the creator of the grand scheme, nor do I want the responsibility.  Freaky responsibility.  Anywho, I feel like tattletales really just try to cover their own asses.  Unless it’s stealing or shooting heroin in the bathroom…I’ll keep the small things to myself and know that we are all human and just trying to want to bring our best to the table.


2 thoughts on “Tattle-tales

  1. i love this post kate. you are a great example of this for me a work. keeping in mind the big picture and not getting caught up in the rules. you keep me chill and i love it.

    p.s. i’m being more aware of my spelling because of you. however, i choose not to have capital letters because i don’t like them. they are too loud for me. i know. i know, but its how i feel. i can’t help it.

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