Whatever happened to free checking?

I’ve come to the last two checks in my checkbook…and I am out of spare packs of checks in the box.  I feel a little helpless knowing that I am basically out of checks.  Rarely do I write a lot of checks, but there are always some of those bills that you either have to pay with check, or you can’t pay online or something of the sort.

Now I have to remember to tell them next time I go to the bank…which is never.  I never go to the bank.  I never go inside the bank mostly.  We love drive through banking.  We don’t often do drive through food, but we do drive through banking.  Love it!  I have direct deposit.  I can do all my banking online.  I can pay bills online…and check my balance and what not.  Really…when do I go into the bank?  I had to go in once not that long ago for a cashier’s check to buy our house.  I had to go in after we got married to deposit the checks because they had all kinds of names on them that technically weren’t mine.  When else do I need to go into the bank?  To order checks, that’s when.

Stupid checks.  And you have to pay for them too.  Isn’t it like 24 bucks or something for a hundred checks?  I really don’t know how many you get…but I feel like last time I got them it was 24 bucks.  Free checking…that’s what I have.  They should make a free checking program where you can get free checks infinitely.  Not a lot of people write them anymore except for those that cannot figure out the internet.  I just need like 30 checks to last me a year.  Can’t I do that?  They don’t need my name and all that on there.  I don’t need the printing.  Just some generic checks maybe?  I fully get why they can’t do that…and how all this works…fraud issues and shit.  But 24 bucks?  There are a lot of silly little toys I can get my kids for Christmas with 24 bucks.  For real.  Ever been to the dollar section at Target?  My kids love all that and I tell them that Santa loves all that stuff too.  He’s bringing it all.

24 bucks.  I’m shaking my head right now if you can’t see me.  I mean, I know you can’t see me, so that’s why I’m telling you I’m shaking my head.  Shit, I’ve gone crazy about the checks.

‘I’m a chapter in your textbook, read me like a checkbook..’


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