Chinese Calendar

My husband, otherwise known as my Knight in Shining Armor…he likes Chinese food. He is such a good customer at the local #1 that they give him free calendars all the time.

You know they type…they’re like bamboo rolls and the whole calendar fits on one rolled up piece.  On the top of the new one we just got (so exciting!  *sarcasm*) there are some wonderful images of Chinese food.   There is a beautifully plated lobster cut in half with the head facing up on one side and the tail fanned out on the other, and some intricately slices cucumber, oranges, and something else red…and sliced.  They are all fanned out along the sides of the dish, with what looks to be a tomato flower in the middle on a bed of parsley.  Under the dramatic lobster image are smaller photos of smaller, not nearly as elaborate dishes.

A Shrimp mixture, some kind of a fish with something green, and a soup bowl filled with colorful thingies.  Below that is some Chinese text that probably says something like,’ You stupid moron.  Why don’t you take the time to cook something yourself.  We’ve labeled you lazy and as our gift to you, offer you this calendar complete with address and phone number of the closest Chinese restaurant that would love to take your money.’

Below that is another band of colorful Chinese dishes and a raw chicken, orange slices, and parsley…quite a lot of parsley overall on the calendar.  Of course, below that we have the actual 2011 calendar year, month by month.  There are also some cartoon animals which no doubt have to do with the Chinese zodiac.  They are really cartoonish though, and don’t correlate at all with the photographic images above.  At the bottom is the address for our beloved #1 Chinese Restaurant, the address, phone number, fax number (for those of you with fax machines!) and the hours.

Fascinating!  I wish the batteries on my camera were working or that I knew where more batteries were so that I could show you just how interesting this calendar actually is.  Breathtaking, to be quite honest.  All for free!  All because my Knight loves Kung Pao Chicken.

…and so do I, actually.  I really love quirky things like this.


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