I saw mommy kissing Santa-Claus

Bring on the holiday tunes!

Wait, I take that back…

Starting last week, the holiday tunage has been cranked throughout my workplace.  The music is always on.  We are in a service environment and cater to the tastes of the public.  The public, on average, will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours in our school.  Now, in that amount of time, they will now hear their fair share of Rudolph, Winter Wonderland, O Holy Night, and the Two Front Teeth song.  Now, the other song that has caused conversation among most of us is I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.

The song lays out the scene…the kid sneaks down on Christmas night, her mom thinks she is sleeping, but she is a-peeping!  The kid sees her mom and Santa kissing and then tickling him under his beard.  It’s a silly song, but if you think of it through the eyes of a child…it is really pretty sick.  I mean, here is your mother canoodling with Santa!  The one man that has to deliver all the presents to all the children in all the land!  And here is mother seducing him!!?!  What is she thinking?  What would Mrs. Claus say?  What would Daddy say?  Oh my goodness!

It is obvious to we adults that Santa is, in fact, the father of the kid singing the song…we can read between the lines like that because we are seasoned in the ways of Santa.  We know he’s a total sham, fraud, myth, folktale…whatever you want to say.  Santa equals parents.  So…how can a person explain this to a curious little kid that hears this song and wonders why the little girl’s mother is kissing Santa?  How to explain that one?  Would you lie?  Would you say, ‘it’s just a silly song’ or ‘shut up, kid.’

Typically over the holidays, one might hear this song once or twice…the whole season.  I have heard this song at least 4 times today.  Just today.  It really makes you think about the message we send…and those old tried and true holiday tunes?

A harmless holiday tune?  We think not.



One thought on “I saw mommy kissing Santa-Claus

  1. I thought it was just me who thought that song was just a little strange! I believe the we just become use to the “norms” of our daily lives. Without getting an understanding of what is really the meaning behind things!

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