The Pressure

Someone read my blog.  Someone read my blog?

I kind of feel violated…all this time I knew that I was writing and that there was no one reading it.  It was just floating away into the abyss that is wordpress and the internet and cyberspace.  You know, like a shitty satellite floating around in space with no real messages to convey.  No real purpose.

And now…it has begun.  My lovely friend Rita, who has her own blog (I’d insert it but I don’t know how…I am a link moron.  I’ll try to make it happen somewhere) read my things.  She thinks I’m funny.  You’re so kind, you little liar.  And then I went and told my boss I have a blog.  I mean, come on, Kate!  Is nothing sacred?

Hi Sue, if you’re reading this!!

Shit.  At any rate.  It is time for me to be a mother today.  I’ve been neglecting the Lovelies for a better part of an hour to start laundry, pick up chewed up toys (thanks, Polly), and write a little bit and become a somewhat better person to be around.  I can hear music bumping upstairs in the bedroom.  My husband, the Knight in Shining Armor that he is, has made cd’s of totally inappropriate pop songs for the girls to dance to.  There are songs that little girls should just not know the words to…even if they don’t know what they are singing.  Daisy dukes, bikini’s on top…a-hem.

I’m glad I took this time.  To reflect.  To take a moment and pause and to not throw all the laundry down the basement stairs and slam the door.  To not microwave some slop for my little lovelies, to not send the dog outside into the 5 degree weather with howling windchills.  To know that I am human.  I am woman, hear me roar.  I can do this.  And that I am telling all these random cyberspace folks about my insignificant life.  To know that now I know one person that has read it makes me squeamish…in a good way.  Good god, what will happen when 10 people read it and then 100 and then Oprah?

Oh my.


3 thoughts on “The Pressure

  1. kate, you sleigh me.
    i know the feeling though. you write hoping people are reading, but feel terrified when you find out they are. its a bite your nails excited kind of nervousness. too late now. the word is out. people know about you and your brain now. i quite enjoy it 😉

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