I love girls nights

Today in class, I asked my students to think about their definition of Beauty.  It is really quite the exercise…to think about what beauty really means and is.  I am awestruck by some of the things that people come up with and share.  I love it.  One of my students said that Beauty is Girls Nights!  Now, any other day and I might be annoyed by the girliness of the comment, but it was totally applicable.  And then I had to share with them that I was going on a girls night this very evening and reuniting with some girls that I went to school with and don’t get together with very often.

The night was perfect.  Good food, good drinks, good laughs…like, really good laughs.  The kind of laughing that you think about later on in the day or week and start to laugh again just by thinking about how hard you were actually laughing.  Sometimes when we girls get together, we can’t even stop laughing…even when something is not funny.  There are all these residual laughs just hanging about.

We had dinner at a ‘fancy’ pizza place…and OF COURSE I run into one of my students.  Not one from this particular class that knew that I was going on a girls night out.  Shit, that would’ve been something.  So the student that we see is one of the awkward ones that doesn’t really know how to have conversations and was just kind of staring and said ‘Hi, Kate.’  I think she felt like she couldn’t talk to me.  I told her this was my reunion with friends from school…knowing that none of her classmates like her and she doesn’t like any of them.  At least this is what I perceive…I am often wrong, mmm kay?

Then we had more drinks and laughs and saw an awful Five-Head…which is a huge forehead.  Get it?  More than 4: Fivehead!  I know, it was very shallow and judgmental of us.  But we have experience in this very field.  We know what is good and what is not good.  The trouble is the rest of his hair was longer and curly.  Very Jersey Shore-esque.  Very.

The point of all this?  This night was beautiful.  I said adios to my Best Friend who is moving to Aspen next Wednesday.  It makes me sad to see her go, but I know she is going because she needs to and this is what her life path is.  I am also not sad…because I know this is not the end for us, but just another exciting, beautiful journey.  She also gave me a Palm Reading book.  Love it.  Too funny.


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