Out of town!!

I love that I am going out of town for a few days.  It may be work related, but my ‘work’ is actually really fun.  The people that I work with and for are also really fun.  There is never really a dull moment.  Especially because the dude that took his shirt off on the dance floor at our wedding will be along.  The hilarity of it is that he tells people he got kicked out…but really my husband said to him ‘Either keep it on, or leave.’  He simply can’t keep it on.  It should make for a truly awesome time.  I found a hip hop show to attend and a tattoo shop to hit up.  Truly, all work related!!!  I swear it.

It’s important for this rejuvenation.  I am nearing moving from a twenty-something to a thirty-something in the coming months…and I don’t feel that way.  I really don’t.  I think I want to keep telling people that I am 26.  I liked 26, a nice age in the middle.  Not too close to the naivety of 21, and not yet to the ‘scary’ 29.  Eh, I really don’t give a fuck.  I’m proud of my age…I just don’t feel it.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Now, to make sure that I don’t look it.  Hence, the tattoo shop.  HA!!


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