Sept. 1


I’ve made mac and cheese for my kids three, yes three, nights in a row.  I am a total failure.  Well,  not a total….2 out of the three nights were organic whole wheat mac and cheese.  The other night was bright orange Toy Story shaped pasta brought to you by Kraft.  So what?  I mean…I made them dinner!

I know, it’s awful.  I have the very best intentions.  They request these things.  They really do.  I am a pushover when it comes to preparing really easy food.  If they want the three course meal, I can do that.  But if they really want the mac and cheese and ham sandwiches- cool!  Win Win!!


Today was also the first day of school.  K5 for Lovely #1.

Everything would have gone flawlessly if I hadn’t have had to fill out a registration form for after school activities.  Truly, each page asked for the exact same information.  Annoying…and being the first day, there were swarms of parents and kids with blank faces asking ‘Where is my kid supposed to be?’  Come on, I wasn’t that far behind the game.

I packed her a lunch!!!!  That must make up for the neon orange dinner.  There were many veggies in the lunch…I find lunch to be the most important meal of the day.  Screw dinner.



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