There is something about cans.

There is a man across the street, digging in another person’s recycling bin collecting the cans.  He had better not come over here to my bin…or I will have some choice words for him.  I understand the want to collect cans and earn money for them.  I, however, am not here to support this man’s can habit.  It’s not like he’ll even make that much…it’s really more trouble than it’s worth, I think. On second thought, take the stupid cans…but on one condition.

You may take the cans if you can do so without making one ‘can’ noise whatsoever.  No tings, to ting ting tings, no crunch, to twang, nothing.  Then, you may take the cans that I have collected and make 30 cents off of them.  Please, take them.  But, no noise, mister.


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