Avocado and Summer Shandy

I have discovered that I have a slight obsession with the Avocado.  The butter of all vegetables.  The ringleader of the holy guacamole.  The color of vintage appliances and carpeting…I mean, they were onto something there.  I also must call it the avocado…because I cannot remember if the plural version is spelled avocados or avocadoes.  The first one looks right, but I will never forget the scrutiny that poor old Dan Quayle went through for not knowing plural for potatoes or tomatoes or whatever it was.  I remember seeing a ‘Where’s Dan Quayle?’ illustrated book that mirrored the Where’s Waldo books.  Dan was often found in silly places in the White House…odd little book.

actual book...strange, eh?

Tonight I whipped up some guacamole.  I say the more garlic in the guac the better, wouldn’t you say?  Also, the more cilantro the better…don’t you think?  Also, a good guac doesn’t exist if there isn’t some fresh lime juice squoze in there.  Squoze is part of the squeeze family.  Who needs chips?  I would eat it with a spoon!  Man, it’s so good.

I also made a panini with the avocado on my new Griddler panini press/griddle.  The appliance is one of the best things that I have ever bought.   A friend of mine was telling me of this griddle and panini press in one…called the Griddler and I was fascinated!  I had to have it.  We now talk about having Griddle-offs and panini parties.  Food is so good.

So, the panini…first a layer of swiss cheese.  Then, sliced avocado.  Then, sliced tomatoes.  Then, another layer of swiss.  All this deliciousness squished between thick slices of hearty bread and then sandwiched between the two hot griddle plates of the Griddler.  Fabulous!  I would eat one for breakfast, except I used the rest of the avocado for the guac.  I do have some mean garlic breath now.  Uh, care?

I also cannot stop thinking about Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.  This is the most tasty and refreshing beer ever.  It is a ‘Weiss Beer with Natural Lemonade Flavor.’  Sure, not exactly sure what natural lemonade flavor is…but mama likey.  I do not normally partake in  beers or cocktails in the evening….as I become far too sleepy.  But lately, there is something about coming home, getting the kids fed, tidying the house, getting the kids to bed, and then popping open a nice cold Summer Shandy!  I am in love with them.

The two obsessions also work well together.  The natural lemon flavor complements the garlic and cilantro in the guac.  It’s a really great marriage of flavors.  Like a fiesta.  I sound like I should be on the food network, no?  Eh, no.


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