A few things I love about today

Music:  ‘Get up…and climb that hill again!’  Oh Tom Petty how I love you and your blonde hair and beard.

Lovely #1: Was  not a sensitive little mopey Eeyore when I picked her up.  Actually said ‘Mama!!’

Lovely #2: says Lemonade and it sounds like Watermelon.  wemon-memons

Buffalo hot dogs:  They are lean and great for women during that ‘time of the month,’ which I am not in…but it’s good to know.

80 degree temperature outside:  It was a crucial recovery from the ice box air conditioned room that I was trapped in at work.  I seriously lost feeling in the tips of my fingers because my blood slowed down so much.  I am not kidding…they tingled when I drove my toasty 80 degree car home.

Text:  I got the best (the BEST!) text from the wonderful man that I call my husband.  It said: I was just thinking about our wedding day.  You looked amazing! (He’s taken, ladies…sorry)

Overtime:  Being paid hourly is a beautiful thing this week, as last week I went into a little (tiny, really) bit of overtime.  Overtime is awesome, even if it’s half an hour.

Using the I’m your mom line:  Lovely #1 fell and got the tiniest scratch and was pretending to limp…I totally called her out and told her she was fine.  She asked how I knew she was fine, and I said because I’m a mom and moms just know.  It worked.  I’m going to try it out to get them to bed earlier too (worth a shot, right?)

Science:  I taught students today that people allergic to dust are actually allergic to a certain combination of proteins found in the urine/feces of the dust mite.  Science is fascinating!  I also love to gross out the girly girls.

Driving company:  It’s nice to have someone to ride with in the morning sometimes to get you all geared up.  Thanks, friend, for the morning laughs!

After trying to inspire others that life is not out to get you, I have realized that Life is Good…and not out to get me.  So I should just enjoy the ride and whatever each silly little day will bring.


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