black days…

We are entering the moving period.  This is the time that communication to the world will be shut down, turned off, packed neatly in cardboard boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap, moved around, disconnected and reconnected.  It is a nice feeling but a little terrifying.  I keep thinking, how will I check my email, how will I keep tabs on the pioneer woman, how will I live?  And then I remember that it was only a year or so ago that we were finally able to afford a silly computer and the silly internet at home.  Before that, I did survive.  When I log on next, I will be in a new home, a new space, a new computer room, a new smell in the air, new sounds to get used to, new everything, but with everything old and comfortable that I love…like the Lovelies and my Knight in Shining Armor.  Ta Ta for now!


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