What is it with Ramen noodles?

My kids are obsessed with them.  They ask for them by name.  What a strange item to request when it is 90 degrees outside…and 80 degrees inside.  I would prefer not not have to boil water and stand over the steaming pot when it is 80 degrees.  I would also not prefer to make these noodles on a day that I want to pack up the kitchen for our move.  I do not want to cook for another week.   I do not want to have to wash dishes for at least another week.  I do not want to look at a piled up kitchen sink.

However…since we are moving, we have dwindled down our food supply by quite a lot.  There is no milk, there is no fresh food, there are no leftovers, there is limited frozen foods, there isn’t anything tasty at all.  There are some box mixes, which I do not have all the ingredients for and actually want to give away anyway.  The only thing that we could all agree on was Ramen noodles.

And now I am sweating.  I am sweating.  It is only going to get hotter.  I have to finish packing up our millions of things, and will be sweating in the process.  I suppose it could be worse.  I mean, we do have a place to live, which is nice.

And we have Ramen noodles to eat.  My kids should be in college.  They are so brilliant and frugal.  Maybe they like to see me sweat. I don’t know.


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