There’s something about free food

There is something so fantastic about other people bringing food to work to share.

It totally makes my day when I walk in a room and there is a plate of food for the grabbing.  It could be anything too.  Something about it being ‘free’ makes people flock to it.  Today it was bagels and cream cheese (score).  Yesterday brownies and cookies (tempting).  I must say, it is just the greatest…to know that if you happen to have the slightest bit of hunger at any point in the day, that there is something to eat.  Now, this is not so good if you are not hungry…and you want to stuff your face with brownies and sugar cookies all day.  This is the case some days.  I also love this because it helps support whatever meal, snack, or food that you have to eat.  ‘Well, this little chocolate chip cookie would go great right after my healthy garden salad.’

The last place that I worked, I had an enormous assortment of leftover holiday candies (because people think we need more candy?!) that we were never going to get through…because we had picked out all the really good stuff and whenever we were tempted to eat the rest, thought ‘eh, pass.’  It must’ve lasted 2 days, if that, in the mitts of my co-workers.  I mean, people just wolf it down…because it’s free and because it’s candy.  It’s a little frightening.  If I had brought apple slices or carrots would they get gobbled down just the same?  I think so.  I really do.  I think it’s the ‘free food’ mentality that makes everyone that sees the food, want to at least take a little taste.

Remember in grade school, when, on your birthday you got to bring your ‘birthday treat?’  What excitement!  I always felt so special carrying that shiny silver pan with my mom’s peanut butter-butterscotch Rice Krispie treats.  I always anticipated others’ birthdays to see what their mom would send along with them.  Some were better than others, rightly so.  I want to remember that my mom’s bars were the greatest…and that everyone remembers them and that they remember my birthday.  But.  They don’t.  If they remember anything, they remember that there was some kind of ‘free treat’ to be had.  Free Free Free.

Well, I made the bagels and cream cheese last for me today.  I had one for breakfast and one for lunch.  A little gluttonous, I agree.  However, we are between grocery shopping, and moving…and well, we really don’t have anything healthy or tasty for me to bring from home.  If we did, I also wouldn’t have had time to gather it all together since I had to dress the Lovelies and get them out the door with me.  A challenge.  For lunch, I also didn’t have much time and really didn’t want to make the effort to walk to the market and pick out something…and also pay for it.  Sometimes I just can’t decide what I want to eat, and I spend most of my time trying to decide, when I could be relaxing and enjoying lunch time.

I love when others decide for me, and lay it on the table.  Totally made my day (it’s the small things).

So, Thanks to Catherine, I had a very fulfilling bite to eat in the morning and lunch!  What a gal!


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