Lovely little Chick

In the midst of procrastinating from sorting and packing the house…the kids found the giant green Yoga ball (that hasn’t been used in oh, who knows) and the old Halloween costumes.  They had been tucked neatly into the toy room closet, but with the impending move, I had to dismantle the organization (or lack thereof) of the whole thing.

First, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Lovely #1 with the black headdress with the white stripe.  She had found the skunk.  It is the funniest  thing!  I have prided myself on choosing strange but funny costumes for them, especially when they were too young to choose themselves.  There is a certain amount of joy found in dressing up little cute kids in odd outfits.  When Lovely #1 was 2, she was the skunk.  It was really the last year that I still had some control over her costume.  This past year, at 4, she was a Fairy, and the year before she was Sleeping Beauty, of course.  And the next 10 years will be princesses and Hannah Montana and cheerleaders who bare far too much skin.

The other costume they are trading trying on is the chicken.  They both wore this when they were about 1.  I mean, who can resist a little pudgy cheeked kid with a fluffy little chicken costume on?  It is the most adorable and hilarious thing.  Just  look at her.  She hasn’t lost her cheeks yet, either.  I think I was 25 when I lost my cheeks…I had them all through college (maybe it was that beer weight I gained), and finally lost them after Lovely #1 was born.

And to think that there is a little chick tooling around the place right now as I sort (and toss) all of our other belongings makes me glad that I saved these silly little costumes.  I mean, 2 hours of pure joy!

Lovely little Chick


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