Al Gore…We Are Connected!

Today I had the pleasure of viewing An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore.

I also had the pleasure of converting our energy bill to 100% offset by renewable resources.  This makes me happy.  In our neck of the woods, the majority of renewable energy is from wind.  About an hour or so away there is a huge wind energy project.  Now, I don’t know the pros and cons of wind energy, as I’m sure there are.  Man, people find cons in everything, don’t they?  Well, I for one, would rather contribute to something that I know is good.  To something that I feel is good, not just for myself, but for everyone.  I do not feel that burning coal or oil refineries are contributing anything to anyone.  A job, maybe, but also…the black lung.  Al Gore taught me that that choice was absolutely right!

I hadn’t seen any trailers for this movie.  All I know is that it won an Oscar and that its topic is Global Warming.

I very much like to think that I am in the loop when it comes to being what everyone trendily calls ‘green.’  My parents lived green.  They were hippies…my dad still is and is striving everyday for a better earth and society.  I am with him.  We grew up ‘green’ with a garden, shopping at a co-op, and recycling.  It’s nothing new to me.  I’ve known about compost since I was 6.  My brother and I used to have to run the veggie peels and egg shells out to the compost bin, which when the first Gulf War came upon us, the compost pail turned into the ‘scud bucket,’ named after the SCUD missiles used in the war.  We both hated having to run out there and dump something that wasn’t yet stinky onto a probably stinky pile.  I now know that if your compost pile is stinky, it needs to be turned, or that it needs more newspaper shreds.

I actually drive a Hybrid vehicle.  Since they have emerged onto the market, I have wanted one…because of emissions and knowing what that does to the environment, and to the atmosphere.  It happened to work out in my favor after some drunken neighbors drove down the alley behind our house at top speed, lost control on the ice, and slid through the garbage cans into my husband’s car.  My husband’s car was pushed into my car.  At the time, we thought about what a bummer it was…but as it turns out the woman that was driving has a conscience AND insurance.  So we managed to pay off my Knight’s car, sold mine (dents and all) to his brother, and bought me a gently used ride!  How cool!  Anyway, the vehicle has re-taught me how to drive.  You must accelerate slowly to stay on batter power, which means less filling up at the pump, and less emissions out into the clear blue sky.  You must maintain your speed.  Mileage and fuel efficiency go downhill when you speed up and slow down often, so cruise control is a great thing.  Hybrids (mine, at least) function better in stop and go driving…not on the highway.  I can almost always make it the 5 miles to work through stop lights without having to speed up to the point where the gas part of the vehicle takes over.  Pretty cool.  This means that I fill up on gas less and that makes mama happy.  It was a no brainer investment (left and right hemispheres agreed).

In another post, you may have read that we are purchasing a home.  One of the highlights was the windows.  The home has all new windows with a lifetime warranty.  This pleases me…because for the past 8-10 years that I have been renting apartments, they all are drafty.  Why is this?  Why do landlords lure renters in with the seemingly low price only to not include heat?  This leaves higher monthly payments that basically fly out the windows, doors, and up into the neighbors’ apartment.  A sham.  A home to ourselves.  This pleases me…not only because it will be ours only, but because I can make a garden.  I can grow food without pesticides and chemicals, and since we experience winter, I will can my food too.  I will even have a compost pile to make sure that my soil is the most nutritious it can be.  If my children are going to have to save this planet, I am going to have to show them how, by gum!  I may even keep a worm bin in the kitchen!  The Knight may not approve of that,but he has approved of my conversions thus far.  I had to nudge him though.

We began with Dairy.  I was reading about factory farms and the dairy industry.  I, of course, would ideally like to switch over all our consumptions to homegrown, or organic, but budgetwise, we’ve had to begin slowly.  Dairy made the most sense to me…because the young Lovelies are female.  Chemicals in milk and other products will affect their little lovely bodies differently than little boys.  So I went on a mission to switch our dairy to organic.  It worked.  I laid my case out there…saying that I didn’t want them to get their periods at 8 or 9 years old, and I didn’t want them to get breast cancer or cervical cancer, or any kind of cancer.  Hell, I didn’t want them to have huge boobs for young perverted boys to taunt them about.  I explained that there are vital nutrients that are destroyed in the processing process.  Once I learned about ‘processed’ foods, I was disgusted and ashamed.  I mean, we all know that these foods are not as good as veggies and fruit that we get from our backyard gardens, but to the extent that food (which can’t even be classified as food anymore) is worked and altered is downright wrong.  The thought that people came up with this and thought it was a good idea, and then other people agreed, and other people promoted it, and other people deceived people to buy it, and people actually bought it and ate it and liked it and bought it again…it boggles my mind, the history of ‘processing.’

I work for an environmentally conscience company.  Yes, I actually do.  That warms my heart.  I get to learn about the earth and share this knowledge with others.  I learn about the power of plants, and the power of people and communities.  I learn about recycling.  I help raise money for people that don’t have clean water, or any water for that matter.  It makes me feel like I am doing a lot.

And still…I know I can do more.  My family can do more.  I can teach others to do more.  Whenever I watch movies of this sort, I get these grandiose ideas that I can save the world!  Can I?  Should I become one of those people that harasses others for what they eat, drink, do, think, say?  Maybe.  I know that there needs to be a change in the way that the young ones are taught about the earth.  In school, my Lovely #1 learns about recycling, but they also go though bolts and bolts of paper.  They learn about saving water, but they also don’t learn about the past or the future or the science behind what is happening and what will inevitable happen if things don’t change.  It may be too frightening for 5 year olds?

But it’s frightening for me…


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