What is the name of the band that sings ‘Saturday Night?’ Bay City Rollers?

Saturday.  Saturday night.  Beautiful evening, kids are fed, I have the house to myself.  What is a woman to do?

I could…call up a sitter and head out on the town (hmm my feet already hurt though), have some friends over for cheap champagne (sounds like a headache waiting to happen), watch a girly movie (and eat and eat and eat because once I start I can’t stop), clean and catch up on laundry (really?  what a waste)…or sleep (not a bad idea).

To be perfectly honest, all I want to do is write silly stories for you.  I want to tell you all about the strange things that have happened in my day and all the oddball ideas and thoughts I have.  I want to share with you my thoughts on funny, clever, and outrageous people and situations and things that I love/do not love.  I want for my kids to go obediently to bed (so long, farewell..)and leave me to my cornbread muffins and iced green tea, so that I may take the time to account for the details…without being interrupted for a cup of juice or a crackers.

Geez, can’t they see I am fulfilling my inner need to write?


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