Purge the Toys!

I hear in the background, ‘Mama, it’s http://www.pillowpets.com!!  That’s where we can get the unicorn one!”

It is my oldest lovely lady reminding me that she would really really really love to have a unicorn pillowpet.  I made her call Grandma Shoes last weekend to see if grandma would run out and get her one immediately, as she usually does.  Grandmas really do spoil their grandkids…and it is annoying (but helpful)!  It is awesome if the lovelies have a particular toy, doll, movie, or request in mind…we say, ask Grandma.  Lovely #1 is hip to this, and feels no shame in chatting it up with grandma on the phone and then coming clean with exactly why she is calling. ‘Grandma, I want a pillowpet.’

The thing is…my lovelies do not need any more stuff.  The stuff is beginning to take over.  I hate all the stuff.  It gives me anxiety.  My left brain is about ready to go into red alert the minute I walk in the door.  There is no organization, and there is no possible way to organize any of it….and organization and tidiness is what I crave.  Since the Lovelies are 2 and 5, most of their toys are still awkwardly shaped, huge, plastic conglomerations that cannot stack.  They cannot be filed.  They cannot fit in cute little bins or baskets like Pottery Barn Kids catalogs (curse the people who ever put that thing in my mailbox unattainable expectations!!).  My lovelies do not sit quietly and look at books while sitting on their spotless bean bag chairs.  They do not color quietly at the table designed specifically for drawing and coloring.  They also do not wear white sundresses and sweaters.

Lovely #1 with head in luchbag

No, they tear the pages out of the books and color and paint inside the nice books that we have received as gifts.  They color on the walls and each other.  They sneak the scissors from the forbidden compartment and cut their cute little blankets into confetti (yes, it’s happened)  They wear   They pull out every single item from every purse, diaper bag, basket, box, drawer, cabinet…color on said items, and try their darndest to fit inside of whatever they just cleaned out.  Nothing is safe.  Any of you parents out there without the Pottery Barn playroom knows this.  Hey, maybe you even got the beautiful Pottery Barn organizational shelves and furniture, only to see it destroyed with Sharpies or ball point pen.  Bummer…they really do have amazing furniture.  My left brain needs to throw.shit.away.

We are now in the midst of a serious purge.  We are luckily embarking on yet another MOVE at the end of the month.  The end of the month just so happens to be only about 2 weeks away.  I have not yet begun the process.  It will be a ritual cleansing (I truly despise moving, but receive such joy from getting rid of stuff).  No toy is safe.  The toys are typically one of the sacrifices.  I have no mercy when it comes to donating toys to our local ‘Value Village.  The way I put it, is that we have to make room for all the new toys we are going to get, so we should give away our old toys to other little kids!  See, I know there will be more toys in the future of my lovelies.  Just like I know the sun rises in the east and that I know Grandma Shoes is always on the lookout for ‘bargains.’

The last time we moved was the end of October…so 8-ish months ago.  We have moved too many times.  We’ve moved 5 times now since Lovely #1 was born…and she is only 5.  Lovely #2 was in the picture for 2 moves, soon to be 3.  It will be a bittersweet move however.  Instead of renting from crummy landlords who never (Never!) give back the full security deposit, we will be homeowners!!  It is quite exciting.  I am very excited to have our own place to paint and garden and make little kid noise without worrying about the other tenants.  At any rate…the move itself.  I have become a little moving zen master.  I can pack and clean and organize like a machine.  It is not that I enjoy it, but I try to keep the vision of the end.  The end…never seems to come.  There is always more stuff.  You pack and pack and pack…filling boxes with memories and trinkets and cookware and clothing and things that you feel like you need to keep for always (ah, nostalgia).  Don’t get me wrong, I can be a total nostalgic chick, but you get to a point in moving all your nostalgic things that you just don’t want to do it anymore.  The nostalgia wears off…maybe better off taking pictures and tossing the physical piece.  Over the moves, I have tried to at least pack my memory makers together in boxes and totes that I won’t need to unpack and repack.  I know that I want to keep these things…until I at least have a home for them.  Maybe this will be the time and place that I can unload all these things.  Maybe I will move them only to find that I don’t want them.  Maybe I will purge them all like all the clunky plastic toys, because I know I will be able to get more.

Maybe I will have a nervous breakdown.  Box after box after box.  It doesn’t help that my knight in shining armor wants to save the most random collection of crap I have ever seen.  ‘Hmmm…Yes, honey, I do think we should keep this tangled box of cords, speaker wire, and remote controls for things that we don’t have anymore.  We should also keep these yellowed undershirts and pants that don’t fit you too!  Oh, let’s pack them in a box and store them in the basement for you to never use them again!’  Super.  Love to.

At any rate…my left hemisphere will be working overtime this weekend and all the upcoming evenings before the move.  I will try not to forget about my right hemisphere.  I know that I will come across some trinkets that will spark ideas and memories…and perhaps it would be a good time, in the midst of packing, to take a break and share them.


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