rain, rain, go away

There is something about rainy mornings that turn my brain into sleep mode.  Today was no exception.  Already knowing that I have the opportunity to sleep in a little, I had mentally hit the snooze button several times.  My Knight in Shining Armor, however thought that I needed to get up and kept poking at me.  He was a little annoyed because that meant that he had to get the kids ready to go for the day (it can be an awful task), and not me.

Wish we were here...Lake Superior

During my morning off, I am trying to think of sunshine and the warmth of Summer.  We have had a number of nice warm days, but what is this rain all about?  Why is it raining on the morning that I have off?  Doesn’t the sky know that I would like to take a walk over to get some coffee and a muffin from the corner?  Now, I cannot…and we are out of cofffee here at the homestead.  Bummer.  I suppose  I will keep this image in my mind today.  Have a lovely one!!


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